Lent Courses  


All our Lent Courses are open to the whole community. You do not need to be a church attender to join these groups. 

You may even wish to join more than one!

As usual we have a variety of Lent Courses. This year you will see that two of the courses are quite practical ones although they will include conversation, a prayer and a thought to take away. Please choose whichever time, day and type of course you prefer even if it is in a different

 part of the United Benefice from where you live.


Every Picture Tells A Story   -   Wednesdays 14.00 at The Vicarage,

Rostherne. With Mary Hayden Frazer our Artist in Residence.

Thursday 4th April and Wednesday 10 April.

Have you started on a cross stitch picture, or a piece of embroidery which has slowly been relegated to the cupboard, then ends up in the loft

unfinished? Have you inherited a loved family members unfinished project? Why were they never finished? It is usually because life gets in the way. The pieces themselves have no real value except to the person who has created them. When finished you can proudly say "I (or whoever) did that". So, what do you do with them when they are not finished? Usually nothing.


For Lent, we want to gather these unfinished pieces, it does not matter how large or how small, embroidery, cross stitch, tapestry, it does 

not matter. Each piece has a personal history, who was this person who stitched it, when, are they still alive? Gather up your unfinished 

pieces and bring them along with a story about the person who created it. The information will be gathered into a booklet along with 

information on the finished Lent project.


All the work will be made into a hanging for the church to display. This will be a joint project for all people to take part in, everybody can 

help to make the hanging.


For more information contact: Revd Patricia Robinson:

pmrobinson51@gmail.com or 01565 830595.


Sharing God’s Blessing

Tuesdays at 19.30 at Agden Brook Farm, Lymm Road, Agden


By kind invitation of Frank and Elizabeth Cookson.  2nd April and 9th April.


Find out more about the scriptural concept of blessing, think about the way God blesses us and find out how we in our turn can be a blessing 

to others. For more information contact: Revd Patricia Robinson: pmrobinson51@gmail.com or 01565 830595.


 “Nothing More and Nothing Less” - Lent Film Group

This course is based on the 2016 BAFTA award winning film:

“I, Daniel Blake”


This is a five-week Lent Course on Wednesday and Thursday evenings in the church meeting room at St John’s church High Legh. 

 Sessions will start at 7.30pm.


This course gives an opportunity for us to discuss why so many people in our society are suffering and what causes injustice and 

oppression. Looking at some examples from Jesus’ time as well as today, we will consider how our response will be shaped by the example

and teaching of Jesus.


Each session will include clips from the film, discussion, reflection, a Bible reading related to the theme and some prayers.


Remaining Sessions:

April 4th: Fighting Back or Giving In?

April 11th: The Suffering Servant


The sessions are open to anyone from 11 years of age upwards.

For more information contact:


Chris Stanisstreet: stanbess2003@yahoo.o.uk or 07918 981723


Needlework and Embroidery 

Tuesday Mornings, 10.00 at Almond Tree Cottage, Tabley


By kind invitation of Ken and Gill Barker.


Remaining dates are the 2nd and 9th April.   We are making new furnishings for St Paul’s Church, including a new altar frontal to replace one which is somewhat worn. If you enjoy needlework, embroidery or patchwork we would be delighted if you would join us. Even if sewing is not your forte there will be plenty of conversation and help with making the tea and coffee is always welcome.


This is an opportunity to make new friends and help us as we renew some of the furnishings for the Church - Lent is a time to think about things we need to change, and Easter is a time of renewal and new beginnings, so this project is quite appropriate.


For more information contact Brenda Folds:

bickerton_folds@btinternet.com or 01565 654336.