Little Bollington Parish Meeting



A lively and well attended Parish Meeting on 12 February heard the report on the Village Questionnaire which had been given to everyone in the village. This brought out many ideas for improving the village and helping the community, and these ideas formed the basis of a new Village Plan for Little Bollington. The meeting recognised the many achievements since the Village Improvement Plan of 2015, such as landscaping and planting, a village festival and other events, traffic speed controls on Lymm Road and Park Lane, new notice board, and the community orchard. The new Village Plan includes a programme of work to

further improve the appearance of the village, organise local events and

activities, support people in need, resolve local problems, improve

communications, and protect the rural nature of our village. The Village Plan 2018 was approved in principle and many local people stood forward to take responsibility for implementing the actions in the Plan. The Plan will be revised with the many suggestions made at the Parish Meeting. It will then be printed and circulated to every household in the village and beyond. You can obtain a copy from the Parish Clerk – see below.  



Councillor Olivia Hunter will have visited the village on 19 February to look at some issues of concern to local people. She will inspect the problems of parking on High Field, off Park Lane, where there is extensive damage to grass verges due to the lack of parking spaces. She will look at the damaged grass verge

outside Holy Trinity Church on Lymm Road, caused by people parking cars. She will also look at the seriously damaged verge on Spode Green Lane, again caused by parking cars inappropriately. These may seem minor matters, but take a look and see the mess they cause in our otherwise attractive village. 


There has been local concern that the Costain site compound off Lymm Road has still not been cleared and restored to farm land. Some local people were worried that this would allow new development to take place on the land. We have been reassured by Costain on this point. They explained that temporary possession of this land was granted under a Development Consent Order (DCO) to allow the road works to proceed. The DCO requires that all temporary works must be removed and the land restored. Temporary works refers to the site compound, cabins, car park surfacing etc. There is no option to retain these items, which would illegally bypass the requirement for planning permission.