Little Bollington Parish Meeting

Bus Service – Progress  

To those of you who responded to our appeal to write to Councillor Craig Browne, Deputy Leader of Cheshire East Council, a big THANK YOU. Your good work has brought results. Councillor Browne agreed to meet with LBPM to discuss the need for a bus service for our community. He also allowed us to invite others to the meeting: Bus4Us Campaign, our Ward Councillor Kate Parkinson, Stephen Taylor representing the MP for Warrington South and Ben Fearns MD of Novo Property Group. Councillor Browne is responsible for CEC policy on the allocation of new funds provided by the government to improve local bus services.

Jane Grime and Chris Wakefield fromBus4Us, who have worked tirelessly on the campaign for a local bus service, set out the case and the arguments. They presented evidence from the extensive and thorough research they have done on local demographics, social needs, existing bus services and policy making by CEC and Warrington BC. Councillor Kate Parkinson also provided evidence of the need and her passionate support for the bus service to meet the needs of our community. Ben Fearns pledged the support of his business and gave     evidence of the additional needs arising from the redevelopment of the Stamford Arms site, which will bring more families into the area. Stephen Taylor stressed the urgent need for the three authorities (CEC, Warrington BC and Transport for Greater Manchester) to work together and consider a viable solution.  

Chris and Jane presented a practical solution to the meeting and Councillor Browne agreed this would be considered with a report back to LBPM. Following the meeting, Chris prepared a full report on the Bus4Us research findings,  together with a map clearly illustrating the proposals for a local bus service. This shows the existing bus services and the proposals for changing these to include a service for Agden, High Legh and Little Bollington.  

We now have a clear, workable and cost effective solution on the table and   under consideration. This excellent progress results from the dogged  determination, hard work and huge commitment of Jane Grime and Chris Wakefield. They deserve the gratitude of everyone in our community. There is a long way to go and much work to do.

The Bus4Us campaign needs your support. Please contact Jane Grime on 07974 269296 or


Little Bollington Community Support

In view of the lockdown measures in place during the coronavirus outbreak, we have launched the Little Bollington Community Support service. This has been promoted widely with a leaflet delivered to all households, and by email, social media and the Little Bollington website. The service is for all residents in               Litttle Bollington, Bollington Mill and Millington. This will complement services  operating in Lymm, which covers Agden, and in High Legh.

The aim of the service is to ensure "no-one is left behind" and anyone who may need help is able to get it easily. If you need help, see the contacts on the leaflet or contact the Parish Clerk. We have many Village Volunteers ready to help and are happy to recruit more. Let us know if you can help.


Coronavirus Fears 

There has recently been an outpouring of complaints from residents and visitors, raising concerns that many visitors are not complying with the government     guidance on social distancing, heightening fears of an increased risk of infection from coronavirus. This has particularly been a challenge on Park Lane, which is in places narrow and winding, with no pavement to separate pedestrians and leads to the very narrow footbridge over the River Bollin. 

There have also been challenges on the path of the Bridgewater Canal.   Cycling is prohibited on the canal path in this area because it is so narrow. This ruling has been widely ignored by cyclists for many years, with little  intervention from pedestrians. However, with the onset of coronavirus, they too have become increasingly concerned about the increased risk of  infection. 

In an attempt to address the fears and concerns, new signs were hastily made and installed in the village and on the canal. It was later realised that some of the wording on the signs was inappropriate, such as the statement that  infringements will be prosecuted. The signs led to an outcry by the cycling  community, expressed on websites, social media and emails. It caught the attention of cycling forums such as as well as The Times. Some of the messages threatened legal or other action and some were abusive. There was also an arson attack on a sign on the canal witnessed by our PCSO. Due to these negative reactions, and to mitigate the risk of further damage, fire, and even social unrest, the signs have been removed and there are currently no plans to replace them.


Unfortunately, this means that for the moment residents are left with unresolved concerns. Many visitors passing through the area continue to disregard the   government guidance on social distancing and ignore the prohibition against cycling on the canal path. There is no immediate action the community can take to mitigate the concern of an increased risk of corinavirus infection. Similar issues and concerns have arisen in other village communities. Our Ward  Councillor,      Kate Parkinson, is raising the matter with her colleagues, and we hope that this may result in some appropriate action by Cheshire East Council.   


Parish Clerk: Mike Reed, 25 High Field 07766 083765 (m)