Little Bollington W.I.

The new President, Mrs Terri Shade welcomed members of Little Bollington WI as they met for the first time in the New Year, and said that there were many things to look forward to in this year's programme. She was pleased that the Christmas meal at The Barn Owl had been so enjoyable with everyone agreeing that excellent evening had been had by all. Mrs Linda Chappell had been very pleased to win the overall Competition plate. Book Club starts again, with members reading 

"The Seal Woman's Gift" by Sally Magnusson and the Arts and Craft group resume their fortnightly meetings.


Members welcomed Mr Keith Vigurs, a retired bank manager, who had refused to contemplate boredom once he finished his career. Among many other interests such as becoming a hospital volunteer, working on a steam   railway and restoring canals, he became a mystery shopper and gave an entertaining  and illuminating talk on the responsibilities of this role. Although he had a fund of jokes, and kept his audience amused, members were left in no doubt about the importance of this role in safeguarding the quality of our shops, hotels, pharmacies and vets. The next meeting will be held on February 14th. The Speaker will be Mr Alan Williams , giving a talk on " Vintage Transport Day and Lymm Heritage Centre."


If you have any queries, please contact Pam Winward on 01565  830467.