Little Bollington W.I.

The main purpose of the May meeting of Little Bollington W.I. was to discuss The Resolution which was "Mental health matters as much as physical health. It called for members to take action to make mental health acceptable to talk about and to lobby government. This will be discussed at the Annual Council Meeting of the W.I. to be held in Cardiff in June.

Members were then treated to a lovely slide show,  reminding us of the inspiring resolutions of 100 years of the W.I., which have often been forward thinking and made a difference to national policy.


The April quiz was a great success.  The Book Club are reading “The Nightingale” by Kirstin Hannah. 

The walkers are going to Tatton park for their monthly walk.   The members have been invited to the Community Lunch at the School. 

The next meeting is held on 14th June. The speaker will be Mrs Karen van Hoffman talking about" A fashion designers journey"


If you have any queries please contact Pam Winward on 01565 830457