Rostherne Parish Council              

Notes from the Parish Council meeting held at Egerton Hall on Wednesday 13th September 2017.

Report regarding the ongoing United Utility works.

The contractors working for UU attended the Parish Council meeting and gave a brief update on work that is currently being carried out. 

It was reported that the work was going well and is on target to finish if the weather does not hinder them.

Pressure testing will commence shortly and 97% of the pipeline is installed and over 4.5km of pipes have been laid. The traffic will be managed on Marsh Lane and this will commence 18th September and will take approximately one week. Turning flows on   Mereside Road are planned for the end of October therefore Mereside Road will be down to one lane. The liability testing of products will be for 28 days but should be completed for Christmas.

The verges, subsidence at the side of the roads and trees that were damaged were brought to their attention.

Cheshire Police.

It was reported that there has been a spate of rogue traders targeting the elderly and vulnerable in the local area. PCSO Cox asked for the residents to be on their guard and not to engage with workmen offering to do roof work, tarmacing or offering any other building service at your property. Residents were asked if they can be extra vigilant and keep an eye on elderly neighbours.


There has been a report of a suspicious male on an expensive motorbike, it was said that the Vicar from Rostherne has sent him, this is totally untrue.

In addition, there has been a spate of burglaries in Ashley, Mobberley and on Mereside Road, Mere. 

If residents see anything suspicions please report to Cheshire Police on 101 or email the Clerk who will then pass the information via email.


Tatton Estate Management

Rachel Wilbraham introduced herself and her colleague Michael Waterhouse to all the Councillors. Rachel updated them that the

 planning application on Cherry Tree Farm was now use of an office and Clinic.

Costain Update

Mr Burrows updated the meeting with his report.

Wooden Bollards are now in situ to stop travellers from parking on the land at Cherry Tree Lane. However he is aware that the farmers will 

have trouble accessing the land to cut the hedges as they are static.

Details of further overnight closures during September were given. There will be further road closures to complete Chester Road. 

The fence line on Chester Road will also be looked at.

The ragwort had been sprayed and is being dealt with.

Fisher German

There has been a response from the Police Commissioner re the recent letter that was sent and Fisher German are now waiting to arrange a meeting.

 The ‘Road Safety Audit’ has been sent but unfortunately they don’t anticipate that anything will be done and said it is just a waiting game. 

We will however keep pushing for white lines, passing places and kerbs on Marsh Lane. Cllr Gate informed Kayne about the Japanese knotweed in the wood on Ciceley Mill Lane; he said it has been reported to Fisher German.