Rostherne Parish Council              


Bi-monthly meeting at Egerton Hall on Thursday 10th July

 2018; the meeting was opened by the Chair, Cllr Joe Gate at 8pm.



Apologies were received from the local PCSO and the following report was submitted;


16/06 Theft of flag stones from Ashley Road Mere. 2 males arrested on scene.

Attempted burglary 12-06 Rostherne Lane crack in window.

No more incidents of note, please be aware that we have had an

increase in people offering to complete work on houses and then over charging individuals for the work which is never done. Only use

individuals that you trust. Please be extra vigilant and if you see any suspicious activity, report it immediately to crimestoppers on 101 or email the Parish Council via



Cllr Macrae was unable to attend the meeting, however an informal meeting has been arranged.



Cllr Fenton reported that the judges have attended Rostherne in the last 2 weeks; they were thrilled with the village and all the hard work that has been 

put in by Cllrs and residents.  Cllr Beverley updated the meeting on her work cleaning and planting of the pump and bench area. The Cllrs all agreed that watering is to continue on the planted areas for as long as necessary.



The below application was circulated to Cllrs and as there were no concerns shown, the Clerk wrote to the planning department in

support of the application 18/2995D

St Marys Church, Rostherne Lane, Rostherne, Cheshire

Discharge of conditions 5, 6 & 7 on application 17/5668M



If you are interested in serving as a Parish Councillor, please send a written expression of interest to the Parish Clerk along with a short personal statement giving reasons why you are interested in joining the Parish Council and what particular set of skills and experience you feel you can bring to the role.



Wednesday 12th Sept 2018: 8pm; Wednesday 14th Nov 2018: 8pm