Rostherne Parish Council              

The bi-monthly meeting of Rostherne Parish Council took place at 8 pm on Wednesday 14th September 2018, in the Egerton Hall.

Representatives from Galliford Try, attended the meeting and an update was given. The points that were covered within the proposal of the smart motorway were;
Hard shoulders will be converted into running lanes thus creating a four-lane motorway between junctions 6 & 8 on the M56.  New speed warning signage will be installed.  Four emergency access areas 2 kilometres apart will be created, this will cause carriageway works for 6 to 7 kilometres.  Current ecological and geological surveys are being carried out, activity will have been noticed.  Site clearance will soon to be started. Phase 4 has been completed. Phase 5 will be detailed and then phase 6 will be carriageway work. All diversions will be clearly signposted.

The general design principles will be the same as the M6. The principle of works is to maximize the amount of traffic that is on the   carriageway by using controlled flows without causing disruption.  Projected timescales are; East bound carriageways start Jan 19, then over to west bound/middle carriageways, working
  towards a completion date of Dec 19. CCTV is constantly monitoring the carriageways. In case of an incident, lanes will automatically be closed to minimise disruption to the flow of traffic.  Closures will happen overnight.  The compound at the Bowdon roundabout will more than likely be the site but not confirmed as yet.
An emergency contact number will be circulated to the Parishes and a public liaison officer will be the first point of contact.

A representative from WYG updated the meeting on a letter that was received from Highways England regarding major issues with Cherry Tree Lane. It was confirmed that dialogue with HE has taken place. The Parish Council were asked if there are any complaints with Cherry Tree Lane, if so it was requested that the issues are detailed in a letter.

If any parishioners have come across issues with Cherry Tree Lane, please write to the clerk detailing the issues, she will then send on to WGY.

There were no representatives from Cheshire Constabulary at this meeting, however the following issues were discussed.
Travellers have been seen near The Nags Head.
The Parish needs to be extra vigilant; a WhatsApp group for quick   communication will be set up.
A blue van with red wheels has also been seen driving around.
Fly tipping on Manchester Road is becoming a problem and needs to be tackled.
No more incidents of note.

  18/4173M – Proposal – Banner Signage: Rostherne Lodge, Ashley Road, Mere, WA16 6SG

Gateway signs were offered to the Council and locations are marked are as follows;
The Rostherne mock-up for the locations at Rostherne Lane as you come off the B5569/Chester Road heading towards Rostherne. Available verge width is limited on Rostherne Lane so the gateway feature has been reduced in width so it will fit without compromising the highway use.
The Bucklow Hill one will sit back to back with Bucklow Hill and will be located near the junction of Mereside Road and Cicely Mill Lane.

Councillors were informed that the new name will be ‘Tatton Group’.  The following updates were given.
The planning permission for the banner must be sought, however the only changes will be the graphics due to the name change, there will be no other changes.
There will be two Halloween events taking place Scarewood and  Cacklewood.  There will also be job vacancies coming available.

The Council have received a letter of interest for the vacancy, the Parish Council will keep you updated.

DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING                                      
The next Parish meeting will be held on Wednesday 14th November 2018 and will take place at 8pm at Egerton Hall.
All parishioners are welcome.