Storytelling Services for Younger Generations and for Families  

Sorry - We've changed our plans!

Because of the increased levels of the delta strain and the number of groups, as well as school, that many of our children are involved in, we have decided not to meet in person until at least the beginning of August.  We will look at the situation again then.  The children won't be in school and many of the groups they attend will have finished for the summer break.

If you are not on our mailing list please contact Revd Patricia for details of how to receive the recorded services.

Contact Revd Patricia

Mobile - call or text: 07854 418 488

Landline: 01565 830 595


Storytelling Service for Children Aged 0 - 10/11

These Services are now being streamed each fortnight (2nd and 4th Sunday of the month).  

The details and links can be emailed out as a separate document to if you wish.  

Please telephone or email Patricia Robinson so we can send this to you.