Little Bollington Parish Meeting

Bus Service – Progress       

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Little Bollington Community Support 

A support service to help local people with their shopping is running  effectively. Residents send in their shopping orders which are then undertaken by volunteers from either Budgens at Broomedge or the Co-op at Heatley, near Lymm. Where possible the shopper collects the order from the shop after it has been prepared by the volunteer. Where this is not possible, the       shopping is delivered to the person’s front door. We are very grateful to Eva Jones of Coe Lane who manages the 

Co-op shopping service every week. We also appreciate the helpful support of Budgens and the Co-op in making this possible.  

Please remember that we now have a Community Support Service in place for residents in Little Bollington, Millington and Bollington Mill. If you need help of any sort, get in touch with one of our Community Champions listed on the leaflet delivered to every household. Or contact the Parish Clerk. Many thanks to the 25 Village Volunteers who have offered their services to help people in the community.



Parish Clerk: Mike Reed, 25 High Field 07766 083765 (m)