Rostherne Art Group

The Rostherne Art Group will be meeting on the

27 October at the Edgerton Hall at 7.30 pm.

New members very welcome.

Many people have taken up craft, art or photographic activities during the pandemic.  

 Why not join the Art Group to share ideas,   and to be inspired and encouraged.


For information please contact Joan Gate on 01565 830134



Let There Be Light!

On my first visited St Mary’s as potential incumbent I was immediately struck by the quality of the lighting and how it showed the interior of the building to such good effect. I also noted how high the lights in the nave and chancel had been sited and asked what happened when a bulb needed replacing. The answer? An electrician came with a long ladder. 

The increasing constraints of health & safety mean that it is now necessary to use scaffolding which is expensive. The church had to adopt a policy of   waiting until a lot of bulbs had failed before booking a visit by the electrician. This has meant that at times the inside of the church became somewhat gloomy, and recently with the lights at the back having all failed I felt I might have to resort to asking baptism families to bring torches! 

The ideal solution was to replace the existing lights with LED units which not only give instant light when switched on but are far more economical to run and have a lengthy (30,000 hour) life. It would be an expensive operation but one with long term economic benefits. We were told to wait as long as we could because LED technology was improving year on year. However, our canny churchwardens knew that their vicar owns a scaffolding tower and that when he retires it will be going with him. Our Treasurer did the maths and decided that a free scaffolding tower, together with the long term benefits of the change to LED, more than outweighed the cost of replacing the old units.  

The work has now been completed and St Mary’s is once again fully lit—and should stay that way for many years to come.

Revd Philip


Mere & Tabley Community Club

The Community Club is gradually getting back to a “cautious “ normality.

Last weekend, we hosted a wedding reception for a local couple. This proved a wonderful occasion for all involved.  

A busy week sees us host Cheshire Federation of Young Farmers junior quiz competition, Knutsford Rex Probus, flower arranging club and Knutsford     Farmers Club Winter season of meetings.   September 27th sees us have the privilege of hosting a thanksgiving wake after the funeral of a highly respected local lady - 

Dorothy Pennington. 

The outdoor bowling season is rapidly coming to a close with just one league playing into October. Very much a getting back in the swing season, our teams have enjoyed varying degrees of success. Our men’s  “B” team have topped division three of the Knutsford league and the Norley afternoon “A” are highly likely to gain promotion to the top division. Our club welcomed many new  members  pre pandemic keen to have a go at crown green bowls. As new bowlers, it will take a while for them to become proficient but their keenness leaves me in no doubt that they will be able to hold their own before long. Many thanks to Val, Anne and Neville for giving guidance and encouragement to this group. 

October will  hopefully see  us get back to Winter games  -  whist, various other card games, dominoes and short mat bowls. The local snooker league also begins in the coming weeks. We are very aware that members’ and guests’ health and safety is our priority as we move into Winter months. 

In October, we have our first quiz night for two years. As these events always prove popular, we are limiting the numbers to less than the capacity of the hall in deference of the ongoing Covid situation.


                                                                            Alan Greenway - Chairman